Purchasing your very own slice of paradise with a property in Manuel Antonio

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Very few people would refute the fact that Manuel Antonio offers a lifestyle that can be described as sheer paradise. Whether you are wanting a property for permanent residence or you are looking to buy with the view to rent out and use as a holiday home, one thing is for certain; you will be making a solid investment. The region is known for its unique and delightful landscape, an array of exciting wildlife, fantastic blue waters with plenty of fishing opportunities, and a simply unique ambiance.

The majority of individuals looking to purchase a real estate in Manuel Antonio do so with the vision of renting out their properties. After all, the area is a hot-spot for tourists and its popularity will never dwindle. People from all over the world come to Manuel Antonio to relax on the beautiful white sands, to visit the world famous Manuel Antonio Park and to explore the waters for everything from Sailfish to Marlin. Thus, capitalizing on one of the luxury properties overlooking the ocean can be a massive opportunity to make money. However, there are quieter villages outside of Manuel Antonio, such as Naranjito, which are also popular. You will find properties available at lower prices and many deem these to be more desirable as you are not too far away from the liveliness of Manuel Antonio yet you get to enjoy peace and quiet whenever you desire.

If you are considering buying in this region then it is imperative you know about the purchasing process in Costa Rica. When you find a property you like and you and the seller have agreed on a price you then need to begin the legal procedures for transferring ownership of title. In Costa Rica the Notary Public plays a much bigger role than in many other countries. It has to be an attorney and they will draft interpret legal documents. They will also authenticate and certify the documents too. If you are paying for the property in cash then local custom stats you can select an attorney to draft the transfer deed. Closing costs, such as notary fees and government fees, tend to be equally shared by the buyer and the seller.

It is also worth being aware of the fact that beach front property is untitled in Costa Rica. The reason for this is because the Maritime Zone Law own and possess the shoreline leaving the purchase of property on the beach front restricted. The first 200m of the beach front is owned by the government. The first 50m is classed as a public zone. This means no one can control this area. The remaining 150m can be leased to private individuals. There are restrictions to foreign ownership however and thus a careful assessment needs to be put in place if you are looking to purchase on the beach so make sure you choose a good lawyer and assess everything thoroughly.

So there you have it; a guide to purchasing in Manuel Antonio. This is undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity for all. Whether you are a young entrepreneur seeking to expand in the world of property or you are a couple wanting to have the perfect pad for retirement bliss. Just make sure you are exceedingly careful if looking into beach front properties.

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