What options are there when it comes to real estate in Costa Rica?

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The idyllic country of Costa Rica is a place where people can become the owners of luxurious property without having to break the bank. Costa Rica real estate is affordable, with a wide range of different types of property available for people to buy, or if they wish to, simply rent.

Two of the most coveted and attractive areas in Costa Rica are Manuel Antonio and Quepos, and there are a number of different options for people to consider, including homes for sale in Manuel Antonio, and also locations for Costa Rica business for sale.

There are various opportunities for people to get involved in real estate in Manuel Antonio – here are a few of the possible choices.


There are a number of stunning homes available to buy in Costa Rica, and Manuel Antonio in particular. These properties give owners a chance to live or a paradise-like island; the properties lined with palm trees and the warm sun glowing down thanks to the tropical climate. With the properties home for sale in Manuel Antonio at a range of prices, there is sure to be something in everyone’s price range. With many of them featuring a private swimming pool, and others being perfect as beach homes, they offer owners luxury for affordable prices.


For people whose idea of the perfect Costa Rica real estate in Manuel Antonio is an apartment or condo in a complex of buildings, there are plenty of opportunities for them too. With prices starting from as low as $99,000, these spaces offer a chance to own a property in a stunning part of the world – perfect even as a second home or holiday home, or maybe even a retirement property.


Though the range of properties and real estate available in Manuel Antonio and the rest of Costa Rica is attractive and wide, some people may prefer the idea of purchasing land and doing with it what they will, for example building their own property to their personal specification. These developable sites of land are particularly attractive to those who may also wish to get involved in farming or other such pastimes in Costa Rica.


There are also commercial real estate opportunities for those people looking to make purchases in the Costa Rican property market. From hotels that are sure to offer their owners the chance to make a huge amount of profit, to land that is in a perfect location to have commercial properties built on it, the locations often offer larger spaces and properties; again – perfect for a hotel or maybe even an apartment block, and such like. With the prices once again extremely reasonable, there are business opportunities for people, as well as just the chance to buy a home or other property in this beautiful, idyllic part of the world.

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