What are some of the advantages of buying or renting a property in Costa Rica?

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Costa Rica is a country that offers an attractive proposition to people who are looking for somewhere to move to abroad. Perhaps someone is looking for a fresh start with a young family; perhaps they are recently retired and want the opportunity to enjoy their older years in a paradise environment; perhaps they are looking for a holiday home where they can enjoy breaks away with their family and friends.

These are all options and possibilities for people, and there is no better location around the world than Costa Rica for them to make the move to. A country with a population of 4.5 million, residents of Costa Rica have a life expectancy of almost 77 years old – this is one of the highest in the world.

There are all sorts of different reasons for why buying a Costa Rica real estate can be advantageous for people – we are going to take a quick look at some of them in this blog post.

Property tax

The property tax situation in Costa Rica has changed in recent years, but is still something of a bargain, compared to say, the United States of America. There is currently no capital gains tax in Costa Rica, so money gained on the sale of property is not taxed like it is elsewhere – this is a benefit for people interested in Quepos real estate and property in other areas.

Competitive living costs – food, etc.

Some countries, like Costa Rica, that are not always the first that come to peoples’ minds when they are looking to buy property abroad, end up being more expensive than others when it comes to the cost of living, in terms of food, etc. Costa Rica is not like this – the food costs are competitive, particularly when local products are being purchased. This also benefits the country itself, as Costa Rican products are being used and bought compared to their imported competitors. US branded goods, for example, are slightly more expensive.

Stable and competitive property values

There are all different sorts of properties that are available in Costa Rica – with Manuel Antonio real estate, for example, there is a wide range, with something suitable for everyone, whatever it is that they might be looking for. As well as the standard houses and apartments that people might be looking for, their range of options includes not only these, but also condos, lots and even commercial property, if that is something that interests some people.Property values in the country are stable, and after a building boom in recent years, there are good deals to be found.

Reasonable prices on household help

There are other things that people must consider when buying a property. If they are not going to be living there all year round, for example, then household help and other utilities may be necessary to keep the property in good condition. Housekeepers and gardeners, for example, can be useful members of staff to have, and the prices of these services are very cheap for what some people would expect.

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