10 Reasons to Buy Property in Manuel Antonio

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Property is one of the most desirable investment opportunities. More and more individuals are opting to go down this route. If this is something you are considering then one of the most crucial decisions you need to make is whereabouts you are going to buy your property i.e. the location. Manuel Antonio is undoubtedly a recommended option, and here are ten solid reasons as to why…

1. Value for money – This is one of the most important things when looking for property investment opportunities. It is not about finding the cheapest villa or condo, it is about getting the most for your cash. You certainly can in Manuel Antonio.

2. Undeniable beauty – You will fail to find somewhere else as beautiful as Manuel Antonio. From the enchanting and luscious rainforest to the exquisite white sands; the sites are diverse and magical.

3. Growing economy – Costa Rica is flourishing at the moment. Tourism is growing and it is one of the best Central American areas for foreign investment.

4. Lots to offer – From fishing, to fine restaurants, to the Manuel Antonio National Park, to scuba diving; you won’t be short of things to do in the exciting region.

5. Stability – In a day and age whereby we are witnessing unrest in many countries, Costa Rica breaks away from the mold and is a stable, peaceful and democratic country. Its army has been officially abolished for over 60 years now.

6. Quality of life – Costa Rica is a country that promises a high quality of life. In fact, it often tops the Happiness Index. This measures environmental footprint, health and of course life satisfaction. Considering the fact that Manuel Antonio is one of the most luxurious areas in the region, you know you are in for a treat.

7. Easy access to other places – Costa Rica is in close proximity to a wealth of other exciting and flourishing countries, namely the USA. This heightens its appeal.

8. Stunning properties – You will have a wealth of beautiful and diverse properties to choose from in Manuel Antonio. The luxury on offer is in abundance. However, with the vast choice you can ensure you will find something that fits in with your budget and your wants.

9. Residency options – There are various different residency options, meaning flexibility is assured. The entry criteria to become a resident is pretty low and thus most people do not experience any trouble.

10. Hot weather – Did you really think we were going to mention Manuel Antonio without alluding to the beautiful weather in the area? If you love the sunshine, you will love Manuel Antonio. A tan is a guarantee!

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